Patrick KOSMOS Wille experienced his first cosmic atmospheres in his childhood. Being fascinated by the universe and space travel, he searched to transcribe these overwhelming feelings in music. Being inspired by the musicians of the later called Berlin school, he started to experiment in the early seventies with the first generation of analogue synthesizers.

In the course of time his musical ideas began to take shape and after a while he found himself surrounded by numerous keyboards and other sophisticated electronic instruments.

In the meantime he had build in these years a career as studio engineer and producer in many recording studios. During the early eighties he also performed with the famous sitar and tabla player Jan Anandananas who studied several years with Ravi Shankar in India. The name of this duo called Sherab, the intention of Sherab was to bring the Eastern traditional music to the Western listeners in combination with electronic instruments.

Among the several concerts we mention their performance at the famous classical Flanders Festival. And after a half decade of creation and touring, Patrick evetually decided to start a solo career.

He built his Free Space studio and soon the name KOSMOS was found on an avalanche of superb tapes by wich he shared his many compositions with the public ( see list below).

In spring ‘87 a try-out concert took place in a church of one of Flanders most desolated areas. Yet it proved to be an overwhelming success, wich was the start of a series of concerts in Belgium and Holland.

The summit of this tour whas the Laser Project wich was

supported by a slide and video show combined with an exquisite lasershow of In  Media Productions, who had collaborated with Eberhard Schoner, Dire Straits and Jean Michel Jarre in the past.

Meanwhile Kosmos the concert has developed into a band in wich Johan Van den Abeele (sax), Els Vrielynck (flute), Wigbert van Lierde (guitar) became an integrated part of the musical act. Whereas they mostly appeared as guest stars on concerts, their first common act took place at the previous Wending-day, organized by the leading Belgian magazine on elctronic music.

This great performance was also supported by a spectacular laser show, and experience people surely won’t easely forget...Other important appearences where his concerts at the Klem-day (organized by the Dutch magazine) where he joined forces with German Klaus Hoffman-Hook (mind over matter) wich proved to be the climax of the day.

He brought the same show at the German International electronic festival in the Berlin Planetarium, (organized by IGEM) Patrick Kosmos also composes for films, video, fashion, ballet and theatre shows his music is often heard on the national radio (including a 3 hour interview on the German WDR radio program Shwingungun) and of course on all world wide electronical musical radio broadcast.

His music is published on more than 40 compilation albums worldwide with artists as, Peter Gabriel, The Art Of Noise, Enigma, Klaus Shulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Ron Boots, Walter Christian Rothe, Vidna Obmana, etc...

This Belgian Cosmic courrier will offer you several hours of pure listening pleasure, be sure not to miss it !!!

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