January 2, 2000

First off all I want to thanks all you out there for a lot of nice reactions,
I wish you all a nice 2000 with a lot of action.

Patrick became father of a girl named B'Elanna on November the 16, 1999 .
For the Star Trek lovers, yes, B'Elanna is a character in the "Voyager" series.

New albums from Patrick :
- Trance Neutral Zone distributed by Quantum records
contact: quantumproductions@wxs.nl

- Monuments part 1 a double album with the best works of Patrick from 1979 to 1990 available on "Invisible Shadows" records contact: nc-kuhnto@netcologne.de

Also a brand new album on "Invisible Shadows" is "Lucid Dreams" available from January 2000

Patrick performs after 4 years on The 7th Alfa-Centauri International Electronic Music Festival in Huizen (near Amsterdam) on Saturday March 25, 2000.

Performers on stage:
- Robert Rich (USA)
- Patrick Kosmos (B)
- MindFlux (D)
- Radio Massacre International (UK)
- Pyramid Peak (D)

By the way a nice website with a lot of quality Electronic Cosmic Music;
http://www.neuham.demon.co.uk/ SMD music distribution from Dave Law.

So my friends maybe we meet on the "Alpha Centauri" festival Holland

  Live long and prosper!


Patrick Kosmos



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