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Blogwriting on your website + facebook

       € 499

WordPress Website

We build your website in 1 day

  • With a theme based on your logo and house style.
  • 5 pages of text and photos.
  • Training to maintain and expand your website yourself.
  • Installation on our server, with your domain name.

         € 49


Web hosting especially for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop. On a fast server in Europe or in Arizona USA.





             € 15

.com .org .net .eu Domainname

Everything starts with a well-chosen name, be it your company name or a product or service. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer it to us.





When starting up a company, you not only need a Facebook page (which you can create yourself), but also a solid website under your own domain name.

What does that mean?

We make a responsive website for you that automatically adapts to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
You can choose from a website made with pure HTML, or with a CMS (=Content Management System) such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla .
We will then make the design (maximum 3 versions) according to your company colours, with your logo, your photos. You provide us by email with all the necessary elements to place on your website.
You choose where your navigation buttons should go: top, left or right or at the bottom of the website. You tell me which are your favorite colors.
We will then make a banner for the top of your website, compose a color palette, create the menus, choose clearly legible fonts.
Thanks to the CMS, you can easily add text and photos yourself afterwards.
If necessary, you can buy a dot com, be, eu domain name for little money . Verden do you still have web hosting(that is web space on an internet server), which you have to renew every year, just like your domain name. The best web hosting at the best price of your choice on our servers in Europe or in the US. We therefore install the chosen CMS program such as Wordpress and your website on this server.



Today more and more is being bought online. Customers search for products and services online, compare prices and quality, and buy online. Belgium is still a bit behind in online sales, but most customers use the internet to prepare their purchase, compare prices and quality. With this knowledge, they then go to the store to make their purchase, so they are willing to pay a little more for good service in the store. But in the near future, as people gain more confidence in the internet and the prices of shipping and mail drop, people will also be willing to have everything delivered to their home. That is why it is important to start now with an online shop, if only to have your catalog on the internet and to prepare for the near future. We make webshops with Prestashop , a very good and free program. For Joomla we can integrate VirtuMart into your website. For Drupal there is Drupal Commerce and for Wordpress there is WooCommerce


Sociale Media

To score well on the internet, it is also important to be present on social media such as facebook, google+, twitter, pintrest, youtube, linkedin, tumblr, yelp, Instagram, Behance, and further: Vimeo, foursquare, Medium, Snapchat, Reddit...

58% Facebook
23% Linkedin
22% Pinterest
21% Instagram 
19% Twitter


A website alone is not enough, it also has to be found. That is why we make an analysis with Google Analytics and ensure that your website scores well when people search for your company, products or services. Each page will have the correct meta tags and description that will be displayed in Google



In order to tell something more clearly, we sometimes have to make a drawing, literally...

lenoren media

Photo en video

Visual material is very important to us. Photos of products, videos of your company...



A gripping story for your website, a description of your products, your daily blog...


Email: info @ lenoren. com

Trust your next clean webdesign project to us