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I would be happy to create your next web project with a clear design and refined finish

With pencil I make sketches, with Illustrator and Photoshop I work on the design for a logo, a banner, a web page, a folder, a brochure and finish with the agreed color palette, fonts, photos. Then mix everything with Indesign or in WordPress to a nice end result.



Of course you also need poignant photos

I make a photo report for your company

I love to take pictures and making videos. It is great to tell a story with this medium that grips and holds the viewer. Titles, text, adding a special effect (with After Effects)... these make it all even better.



Design of your logo, adding artwork and so much more

Designing your logo, corporate identity is my job

I like the drawing on paper. With colored pencils, charcoal and watercolor I illustrate books, brochures, but also web pages. But I also get along well with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I make icons, graphics, illustrations, decorations, advertising banners, backgrounds, but also cartoons. I have my own style, but I can empathize very well with the wishes and style of the customer. Follow me on

Kraqot Belén


Lenoren Grafics is also looking for other people to complete our team, such as a marketer, a PHP-programmer. So, don't hesitate to email us your CV.